Customs & Wholesale

I absolutely adore working with people on creating custom pieces. I have a limited amount of space each month for customs and new wholesale accounts. Please read through ALL of the following information and then use the form below to send in your requests. 
Custom orders are fun, exciting, and fully embody the creative relationship between maker and buyer. They also take a tremendous amount of time to communicate designs, and hammer out all of the details. Because of the time commitment, I require a one time designer fee of $45 per new order. If your total order is over $400, the designer fee will be deducted from your final total. I have found that this fee helps the buyer come into the project with greater clarity and commitment. And this fee helps me cover the hours of admin and design work that goes into customization. It also helps me avoid a scenario of spending a lot of time emailing back and forth about work to then have the buyer decide to not order anything. I fully understand that circumstances change and sometimes that happens. But I also need to honor and cover my time for project designs. I also start the design process with a price quote before going into design details so you have that information up front. 
While I can create a variety of custom work, please know that I only work in the style and colorway that is already shown on my website. Please familiarize yourself with my work and see if your ideas are similar to my current style of work. For instance, I use warm earthy tones in ceramics, so a request for bright red pottery probably isn’t a good match. We’re fortunate to have a very large community of potters and artisans in Vermont and online, so there are tons of options out there!
For all custom orders, I require a minimum of $250 for your first order and $150 for following orders. Any initial order over $400 will have the $45 design fee deducted from the final total. 
Turnaround time is typically 6-8 weeks for custom orders. This involves the design process and production time. Pottery can be a finicky business and there are multiple steps involved that are at the mercy of drying times, kiln firings, and mishaps that can happen along the way, despite years of knowledge and experience. Please plan accordingly when requesting custom work. 
Please know that while I would love to take every custom order that comes my way, it isn’t always possible. I am the only person running my studio business and I’m mindful of my commitments. 
My hope is that all of this information helps inform you of the details and doesn't deter you from considering custom work. My intention is to offer as much clarity about the process ahead of time so you can have all the details up front.
Please use the contact form below to reach out about custom work and wholesale inquiries. Please be as specific as possible with quantity, deadlines, shipping requests, and any other pertinent information.  I look forward to hearing about your ideas!